Fanfic 1: A late Halloween story

This is a fanfic I wrote based on the card game Ayakashi ghost guild. I do not own the game nor the characters. All rights go to the respective owners.

A late Halloween short story
I opened my eyes. The surrounding… No doubts about it… It’s my house. But, there were many things that bother me: “Why am I here?” “Where’s everyone?”
Suddenly, a voice came to my mind.
“Master, you’re awake! Geez, you made me worry again! This is the second time in this year you slept straight 3 days!”
The voice, Mira’s voice, made me felt at peace. Mira’s always there to help me with everything she got. But, still, there’s something about her that made me felt uneasy.
“Master, right after the fight, you fell and stayed unconscious the whole time. Everyone was so worry about you, especially Trick or Treat!”
“W-wait a minute! Why did Trick or Treat worry about me?”
“H-hey master! Don’t tell me you…”
“Me? Me what?”
“D-don’t tell me you have your eyes on her! Meh…”
“What are you talking about? What lead you to that conclusion?”
“Fufufu, just look at your reactions.”
“I think we need to visit doctor… You seem unwell to me.”
“D-don’t be silly! Why should I come to the doctor with you? And…”
Just when she’s about to continue her speech, the sound of the main door could be heard, then followed by the sound of footsteps.
“Tsk, so soon.”
Just when she started moving, some girls rushed to my room and opened the door in a hurry.
“Master! Are you awake?”
“ユイ, you’re awake?”
At first, I was surprised. But, I figured everything out soon.
“Hi Mira and Walpurgis Night. Oh, and hello again too, you.”
The other 2 were still in shock, but it seemed they knew the fake Mira too.
“So, you already knew who I am?”
“Yes, my dear Tricky.”
“Geez Trick or Treat. Why did you do that?”
“I am Trick or Treat, you know that. So, I went and played a trick on ユイ, but I went a bit too far. I thought ユイwas a goner, but it turned out ユイ was ok. It made me felt at ease. You are an interesting agent, so I really worry about you…”
“So, you are the one who made my master like that! You…” said Mira.
But suddenly, Walpurgis Night interrupted Mira. “How dare you do that to ユイ?” She sounded very angry.
“H-hey Purgie! That’s my line!” said Mira.
“I’m glad to see you’re okay now, ユイ.” Walpurgis said. “Though, there’s so much noise here, thanks to some pipsqueak.”
“Ah Purgie, that’s enough!” Mira shouted.
Then, Walpurgis and Mira argued with each other. Trick or Treat was standing there, watched their argument. It seemed she wanted to laugh, but didn’t do so.
Suddenly, a hand touched Trick or Treat’s shoulder, which made her shivered. She almost shouted, but another hand covered her mouth.
“Tricky has been tricked. But, let’s go outside. I don’t have the strength to stop them now.”
ユイ and Trick or Treat quickly stepped outside. They then sat down on a large stone.
Trick or Treat said: “I think I’ll stay with you for a while.”
ユイ, who didn’t concentrate on their conversation, said: “Uh-huh, why not?”
“Hooray! Now I can have endless fun. Fufu.” Trick or Treat shouted with joy.
Mira and Walpurgis arrived right after Trick or Treat shouted.
“There you are! That’s cheating, Tricky!” said Mira
“It pains me to agree with you, but you’re right, pipsqueak.” said Walpurgis
“You two, stop fighting please! I need some rest here.”
“Sorry master.”
“Ok, ok.”
“Hehe, my decision was right. I’ll never be bored here.”
“M-master, what has she just said?”
“She’ll stay here with us from today… She tricked me though. But I don’t see anything to say no to her.”
“ユイ, you are so kind. I guess I have to stay here as well.”
“What brought you that decision Purgie?” Mira shouted.
“Look at that Tricky! A trouble maker like her can stay here, so there’s no way I can’t stay here, right?” said Purgie.
“Uh, but…”
“Now now, you two. Stop fighting please.” said ユイ. “If you want to stay here, then feel free. But, Purgie and Mira, please don’t argue all the time you see each other, ok?”
“Ok.” Mira and Walpurgis replied.
“After the Halloween, our family has grown. Let’s take a little break and celebrate, ok?”
“Yes, master!”
“Yes ユイ”
“Yes ユイ”
After a while…
“Well, then! Let the party begins!” said ユイ.
“H-hold on, master!” said Mira.
“Hey hey, I’m waiting for the party you know! Everything can be done later, pipsqueak!” Walpurgis said. It seemed her patience was lowered a lot.
“Y-you! Fine, I just have to put you away, Purgie.” Mira said.
“What? Now you’re ignoring me? You…” Walpurgis angrily said.
“Now, then. Trick or Treat!” Mira interrupted Walpurgis.
“Hiya! Wha-what is it?” said Scared Tricky.
“Are you really Trick or Treat?” Mira asked.
“W-wait a minute! What did you just say? That’s an insult, you know!” Tricky said with angry voice.
“Huh? It seems the little pipsqueak has something interesting to watch.” said Walpurgis.
Mira was annoyed by what Walpurgis said, but she ignored her.
“Trick or Treat, isn’t it obvious?”
“Hey, I don’t get what you said, Mira.” said Tricky
“Oh, you don’t know? I’ll tell you.” said Mira. “Trick or Treat, yes TRICK, and, TREAT. If you have trick, then you must have treat as well.”
“Uh-huh?” Tricky
“But look at you, I can proudly say that: you are NOT Trick or Treat! Not at all! You are just a lousy daemon, nothing more, nothing less.” Mira said while pointing at Tricky.
“…What makes your conclusion like that? Of course I am Trick or Treat! Who else in the world can be Trick or Treat?” angry Tricky.
“Like I said,” Mira continued. “A real Trick or Treat must come with Trick AND Treat alongside, but look at you! What do you have there? Trick. Yes, and, anything else? No. Trick, trick, trick, all you have are tricks. Not a single treat. So, what is it that you can call yourself Trick or Treat?”
“Um… I put a trick on you when we were preparing food?” Tricky asked
“Where is your treat?” Mira asked
“See, I told you. You are not Trick or Treat!” Mira said
“Uh…” Tricky began to cried.
Walpurgis said. “Hahaha, interesting! Tricky has been trick, AGAIN! Hahaha”
Tricky began to run outside, with tears on her eyes. Yui quickly follow her outside.
“Are you alright, Tricky?” ユイ asked.
“Mira was so mean. Meany!” Tricky cried. “I’m Trick or Treat, it’s obvious.”
“Yes, you’re right. But I don’t think Mira was wrong though.” ユイ said
“Huh? What do you mean?” Tricky asked
“You know, I always have a feeling that there is something about you, well, missing…” ユイ said.
“Oh, is that so?” Tricky was surprised.
“Yes, that’s what always on my mind, until now.” ユイ said. “Have you ever felt bored with playing tricks over and over again?”
“Of course I nev…” Tricky stopped suddenly. She continued to talk, after a while. “You’re right. Sometimes, I feel bored with all my tricks. It seems I have to find something else to do too, or I’ll be bored to death.”
“Then, how about I teach you treat, and the way it make you happy?” ユイ asked.
“Will it?” Tricky asked.
“Yes, I will show you the way.” ユイ.
“Ok, I’ll try what you said.” Tricky said.
After a while, they returned to the room
Yui said. “Everyone, Tricky has something to say.”
“Everyone, I’m very sorry for what I did before. This is my gift to show my apology.” Tricky said and took out a gift.
“Uh…” Mira
“Go on, Mira! Just open it!” Yui said
“Um, master, if you said that… Ok, I-I’ll… open it!!!”
Just right after Mira opened the box, something flew out.
“Tricky! You trick…” Mira said.
“or treat?” Tricky interrupted Mira.
It turned out that the thing flew out before was a small statue of Tricky. It looked like she was singing. And surprised! The box was a music box! The song was sung by Tricky, too!
While Mira was speechless, Walpurgis laughed. “Hahaha!!! My decision was right! It really is soooo much fun around Yui. The pipsqueak was trick, or was treat? That’s simply amazing, and entertaining!”
“Now now, it seems things between Mira and Tricky have been settled.” Yui said. “Walpurgis Night! Can you do me a favor, please?”
“Huh? Yes, just say it.”
“If you’re going to stay here with us, please don’t argue with Mira all the time. It makes me exhausted…”
Yui collapsed right after that. The other three, quickly ran to Yui.
“Oh, how can this happen? Master!” Mira
“Uh… I think it because of our arguement.” Walpurgis
“Sigh, you two. Yui said to me before that your arguement was some kind of killing method…”
“H-hey, is that so?” Mira asked.
“This isn’t the situation to trick, even I know that!”
“W-well, pip… I mean, Mira. Let’s make a deal, right? We won’t argue with each other *whisper* (in front of Yui) *whisper* and try to understand each other… I don’t want Yui to die because of us. Deal?”
“Ok. That’s what I want to hear to.” Mira
“Ah, man! I hope Yui’s oka…” Walpurgis said. “Where’s Yui?”
Mira shouted. “Master is sitting at the table.”
“Hehe, you two have been tricked. But don’t worry, Yui will TREEAATTT you something good.” Tricky
Yui said. “Now now, let’s return to our party! Trick or Treat, Mira, Walpurgis Night! From today, we all are living together. So, I hope you three will live peacefullu together. Is that ok?”
The three looked at each other and then said. “We all agree.”
“That’s good. Now, let the party begin!”